Finally back into shooting...

For the past six months, I've been busy trying to establish this whole photography / videography thing as an actual business.  It's actually gone better than I thought it would, but you'd be surprised to know how much competition there is from other people with cameras who still use Auto mode (I call them 'fauxtographers').  So, rather than whingeing about how people don't appreciate art, or think that the camera does all the work, I'm going to tell you what I've been up to!

I haven't uploaded any images yet, but I was honoured to recently be invited to shoot a gathering of authors for promotional / headshot-type images.  It was a fun and educational experience for all involved, with shenanigans from a certain group of ladies that made it a light-hearted day's shooting.

Surprisingly, the majority of my work over the past 6 months has been videography.  In addition to the ongoing work with an accountancy advisor, I've created promotional videos of an entrepreneur's invention, a bluetooth-enable make-up carrying case, a real estate buyer's agent, and filmed a seminar for an Amazon best-selling author (on how to be an Amazon best-selling author!)  So I guess I'll be adding a Video segment to the menus, one day.  I've also done the odd birthday party, with kid's parties still being one of my favourite things to shoot and film.

Over the past month though, I've been working outside of my photography business assisting with Community Recovery from the devastating Townsville floods.  It's been exhausting but as always, very satisfying to be able to help those in need.  But now that is over, it's back into photo mode, especially with footy season just around the corner!  But before that, comes the end of cricket season.  

Monday, 25th of Feb, was the grand final of the Ipswich West Moreton Cricket Association's Baxter Big Bash.  It was a great game between the Ipswich-Logan Hornets, and the Kookas of Central Districts.  The catalogue of shots is right here.